Don’t be a Patient 31

South Korea is given a lot of deserved credit for their handling of the Convid 19 outbreak.  However, there are some facts not generally discussed.  For insance:

80% of the infections can be traced back to people who attended two churches.

There is one person, designated Patient 31 who diretly infected over 1000 people.  These other people then went on to infect others and there you have an epidemic.

Patient 31, a 61-year-old woman, was a member of Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu and tested positive on February 18.  In 2 days, 15 other members of the church were confirmed with Covid 19.  By March 25, members of the church accounted for 5080 confirmed Covid 19 cases.  This was over 50% of the nations infections.

The location of the second largest outbreak was due to people from the Shincheonji church who attended a funeral several miles.

The outbreaks from these two area accounted for 80% of the cases in South Korea.

The message is that the disease is passed along Person to Person.  If you don’t make contact with anyone (or anything an infected person may have touched), you are highly unlikely to get the disease.

It is also estimated that 25-50% of the people who are infected do not know they are infected.  They either have no sumptoms at all, or have mild symptoms that they believe is due to some other illness (cold, flu, etc.).  So, just because you are feeling well, or someone else is feeling well does not mean they infection can not occur.

DON’T BE A PATIENT 51.  Keep your distance.  Six feet is an average safe distance..the further the way, the better.d7bb992c-b4a0-4104-9a75-116b7dd046d7_1920x1080




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