News Granularity is a way for me to collect and share my information, analysis and thoughts on the current topics of the day.  Recently, Covid 19 has captured all of our attention and all my posts have been related to this.  I try to obtain my information from the most reliable sources I can and whenever possible, verify information from multiple sources. However, as we progress to a point where Covid 19 is no longer the dominating topic, I will move on other, hopefully interesting topics.
I am a PhD Chemist by training and have worked in industry, academia, private industry and I am currently a consultant on implantable medical devices.  My training and my personality turn to data and information as a basis to at least begin to think about the issues of the day.  I know that data is not always the answer either because there are some things data can’t prove or there simply isn’t enough data to be conclusive.  However, I believe that it is always a good place to start.  I also believe that analysis should be complete as possible and detailed enough (granular) to provide true insights to what can and can’t be ‘backed up’ by the facts.
I will try to base my writings from facts and data and you should be able to tell where my opinions come from.  You may not always agree, but that is not the point of these blogs.  I just want to share what I hope is full and open view of what is going on around us. 
Some personal information, I was born in the United States and currently live in Florida.  I’m 69 years old and have my own business that is unrelated to this blog.
Thank you for being here.

Let’s build something together.

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